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If every time you play mp3 files, you have to manually adjust the volume gain of each song or at least some songs, then Mp3Doctor PRO is for you.
If you feel that when you play your collection of MP3 files, some songs sound "different" to the rest of the mp3 files, not only in volume gain, but in the "color", "texture" or "sound" in general, then Mp3Doctor PRO is for you.

If some of your mp3 files lacked "sound clarity", "boost or strength", "definition", “gain Volume", "bad quality" ... then Mp3Doctor PRO is for you.

If some of your mp3 files have passages with low gain in volume, sounds confusing, if it lacks the bass boost ... then Mp3Doctor PRO is for you.

The following articles as well as the comments were translated from German using Google. Sorry if there is any inconsistency, typical of machine translation.

Why not simply normalize the tracks using the known (and archaic) method of finding volume peaks in each song?
There is a misconception about getting a proper normalization of volume using the outdated method of standardization based on peak volume of each track. Under this procedure what happens is simply seeking the highest peak of each mp3 and compared with the highest peak possible, then all is mp3 amplified, multiplied by the highest possible value of that peak. This technique called "peak-volume gain" is just a simple arithmetic operation, which offers obvious too simple and therefore unsatisfactory.
All experts agree that the peak level indicator is a totally inadequate and inappropriate method to measure and manipulate the perception of loudness of an audio track.
The so-called gain of an mp3 is quite complex and to be properly analyzed, must be effected with an appropriate method.
One approach that has not been sufficiently analyzed when developing tools based on peak volume was the fact that you listen to your mp3s using modern sound equipment, such as mp3 players, computers, etc.
In these times when listening to modern music using these devices and audio in noisy environments (in the office, in the car on the street, etc), the subject of mp3gain must be resolved so that the user listen to a sound track in the car or a portable audio player, can really listen and enjoy all parts of the song properly.
mp3gain - mp3 normalizer
The solution we have found means to analyze and process each of the mp3 samples, ensuring that each instrument of the song reaches its proper volume level and can be heard and enjoyed.
This method is specially designed to be efficient in the audio playback devices that you use every day, such as portable mp3 players, computers, audio players in the car, headphones, etc.

mp3gain - mp3 normalizer "I use mp3gain for months and the problem was simply that mp3gain increased in a uniform manner throughout the volume of my music, which was not pleasant to listen to my mp3 player or laptop with my headphones. This was not the solution I was looking for. W. Grutz Berlin"
mp3gain - mp3 normalizer "Since purchasing a portable MP3 player I found that there were jumps in volume levels when playing my song list. Mp3Gain did not solve this problem; I was listening to different levels of volume, not just between songs, but even in different parts of the same song.
Some of my favorite tracks start with extremely low volume and only Mp3Doctor PRO solved this problem by clearly defining each and every instrument; my music is no longer heard with some high and low level parts, now I enjoy it all. Walter Kilmmer. Munich"
mp3gain - mp3 normalizer "I love modern music, rock and dance music. I love listening to loud in my headphones or speakers in my computer (I have some buildings), but to enjoy my music, I needed to address the issue of uneven volume between tracks. With Mp3Gain the result was uneven (some tracks sounded well, others definitely not), but when using Mp3Doctor PRO the result was a total success. All my music got the correct volume level. M. Olsen. Sweden"
mp3 normalizer - mp3gain "I think Mp3Gain is obsolete, is not what is needed if you plan to play your audio tracks on devices such as a portable MP3 player or headphones.
The best solution I found was using Mp3Doctor PRO because it returned a balance between my sound tracks that I had never heard; it’s fantastic. Thomas Larsen, Austria"
mp3 normalizer - mp3gain "I was looking for the best birthday present for my partner. I know that he enjoys listening to music while driving the car, but always complains about the volume fluctuations between songs.
First download Mp3Gain but found that was not the right solution to play music on portable devices, then found Mp3Doctor PRO and I must say that my husband had a birthday that made him happy, as was very satisfied with the present. My beloved husband was no longer complaining anymore because there were ups and downs in volume between songs, the problem was fully resolved. Marya Kroig. Vienna"
mp3 normalizer - mp3gain "My music collection is one of my treasures, but when I started to use a portable audio player and when I bought my IPod, I found problems when playing my playlist. At the end of each song, the next had a volume level too high or too low and it was uncomfortable to be up or down the volume on each audio track.
A friend of mine recommended that I download and use software called Mp3Gain but Mp3Gain not properly fix my problem, because the Mp3Gain was not designed for the modern notebook computer or portable audio players or to use with headphones.
Through Google, I find and download Mp3Doctor PRO and the solution was an almost magical. Now I can enjoy my music using headphones and I can hear it in a new way, with more life, certainly improved my joy to hear music.
My friend also changes to Mp3Doctor PRO and he told me he is also satisfied. R.Bimmerman, Zurich"
mp3gain - mp3 normalizer "Mp3Doctor PRO, unlike Mp3Gain, was especially designed for modern audio equipment, to use with laptop computers, portable mp3 players, headphones, speakers and other modern audio devices. I am an amateur expert on everything that has to do with the quality of audio and Mp3Doctor PRO has left me really impressed.
For 30 years I have been collecting a large number of albums by artists such as Abba, Pink Floyd, etc.. I must confess that I had never heard the clarity and separation of musical instruments and environments, until I buy Mp3Doctor PRO and process my entire music collection.
Mp3Gain? Well, I would say that Mp3Gain was an acceptable solution (just acceptable), some years ago. Today, with the quality of sound reproduction devices that exist, the option Mp3Gain offered is totally inadequate and has been largely overcome.
With modern audio devices, it is not just a problem of volume levels too high or too low at the beginning of each song.
Mp3Doctor PRO showed that the gain to an mp3 needs to be calculated at every moment, processing, maximizing and optimizing each frame.
Taking into account the separation of stereo channels, as well as each instrument (including voice, low, media, treble, etc.).
Do the test: download the trial version of Mp3Doctor PRO and correcting the volume gain (Mp3Gain booster) of some tracks of your music collection. Then, listen it using headphones or a portable music player and discover the difference.
L. Gravel. Zurich"
mp3gain - mp3 normalizer "I am a musician and I always kept informed of developments in techniques of audio mixing and improved audio quality, especially regarding the mp3.
Years ago I used Mp3Gain looking to standardize the volume of my audio tracks.
But just might hope (without much success) to standardize my audio tracks.
Now, with sophisticated audio equipment available, I do not seek to standardize audio tracks anymore. What I seek now is to get the most out of each of my mp3s and audio streams, optimize the volume gain the best possible way.
Standardization is not the same as optimizing; we now live in an era of high-quality portable audio devices and therefore would be a pity to conform to a poor uniformity when you can enjoy a sophisticated optimization and volume gain adjustment.
Your collection of mp3s sound terribly bad (in terms of volume gain) on your iPod or on your high-quality portable player?
Do not use solutions more worthy of your grandfather (Mp3Gain). H. Roderik"

mp3 normalizer - mp3gain "Once I download Mp3Doctor PRO i feel pleasantly surprised and amazed. It is definitely a must if you want your mp3 files being reproduced with very high quality and a consistent mp3 gain in volume. D.Zamolo, Italy"
mp3 normalizer - mp3gain "At Christmas my parents gave me as a gift a portable MP3 player. Later that day, I felt a little frustrated because some songs sounded too low and even raising the volume of the mp3 player was not fully audible as the others.
That night I googled to find and download Mp3Doctor PRO, install it and I began to standardize the amount of volume gain (and also the equalization because some of my files sounded really "opaque") and thus improve my collection of MP3 files. Now it sounds fantastic, the transition from an mp3 file to another is smooth and the overall sound of my mp3 files collection improved markedly. M. Diaz. Spain"
mp3gain - mp3 normalizer "The day that I install an mp3 player in my car, my problem began. I found that the levels of volume gain of my mp3 files were a mess.
Even there was also a clear difference between the "sounds" of each mp3 file. Many sounded as if the bass was very weak. Some tracks of my favorite dance music seemed to take away the bass guitar in the background, without stress, it lacked much punch, boost and power (not only lacked volume mp3 gain but bass strength) to make one feel like getting up to dance!
With the function of batch equalizer Mp3Doctor PRO fortunately resolved my problem. I could add the necessary boost to the bass. Now when I play any mp3 in my car, the car rumbles and shakes he, just as I wanted, so all passengers feel like going dancing and partying. Ed-Minner, France"
mp3gain - mp3 normalizer "I connected a high quality Mp3 Normalizer theater to my PC, but it does not sound so powerful and impressive as I wished.
After working my entire collection of MP3 files with Mp3Doctor PRO, now literally roars and shakes the entire neighborhood.
If you are 17 years old, like me, and u are unable to shake the whole neighborhood, as it should be, then it is a sign that something is wrong and you need a doctor: the Mp3Doctor PRO. Solange W. Germany"

The issue of audio quality in the new and modern devices has changed so substantially in the last 3 or 4 years, that what was true 4 years ago, is archaic and has now expired.
One of the problems that have arisen with the appearance of modern audio devices is the problem of unbalanced gains in volume gain between different tracks.
But in truth it is not just a different volume gains, inadequate or inconsistent between different tracks in your playlist.
This is not just to increase the gain of volume of an mp3, or just boost the gain level of low, mids or treble. What we seek is now readjusting those mp3 tracks to sound properly in the current devices and music players. To do this the Mp3Gain was outdated and not sufficiently efficient to bring our mp3 tracks to current needs.

mp3 normalizer - mp3gain
Here is an example: When Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Queen, The Beatles, etc. recorded their classic albums, they were not available at that time the kind of portable audio device we have today. Therefore, the albums could not be mastered in order to be heard in these modern audio devices.
How crucial is the difference between mastering an album with the aim of modern portable audio devices, and the original mastering that was done keeping in mind standard audio devices (typically analog)?
And all this ... has to do with the theme of the volume gain?
An additional question (very important one):
Regarding the albums being produced today in the music industry, these albums are being mastered to be played in typical portable audio devices (high-or medium-range)?
The answer is no.
That is why it is typical that you "discover" (we could say "suffers") problems when you try to play your music in one of those modern sound devices or even in the computer.
The first song begins ... everything seems fine ... maybe it is necessary to adjust the volume gain of your mp3 ... but when I start the second mp3, it is necessary to make a further adjustment in the gain volume... At the end, you need to become on the slave of the volume gain slider of the audio device and if you are very strict on terms of reproduction's quality, you are also forced to re-equalizer with each new mp3 track that starts playing. That was not the idea at the beginning!!
Thus began the history of Mp3Gain: trying to find a solution to this problem of the ups and downs jumps and falls in volume gains.
But the solution proposed by Mp3Gain was very limited: just trying to give a few blows to gain volume slider, but that was not at all efficient.
For this reason, the editors of this magazine, decided to publish on this month edition, an article that addresses this issue in depth: how to batch adjust the mp3 gain volume.
We already mentioned that to anyone who is learning how to optimize their collection of mp3 files, will soon discover a new need: not only the need to adjust the "volume gain" part, so that the reproduction of a playlist is consistent in terms of volume, but will discover soon that he should complete re equalizer (batch equalize) the whole collection, to obtain a standard quality during playback of any playlist. But not only seeking to resolve the "volume gain" and equalization points, and that the mp3s are consistent between different tracks during a playlist, but wished to be satisfied with "the best possible sound" and that those settings and adjustments are compatible with the audio device.
Probably should add a bass boost, and qualify and define (highlight) the higher frequencies to have a "brightness" and "presence" in line with the current quality of audio.
The perfect tool to make these quality adjustments such as bass boost and a general re equalization is Mp3Doctor PRO.
During our evaluation test, we discovered with pleasure that Mp3Doctor PRO not only offers the most exquisite algorithm to adjust the volume gain, but adds additional possibilities such as batch equalization and even modify the pitch or tempo. 'A gem for lovers of quality sound.'"

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